Workforce Coming
of Age

a short play on the aging workforce. Clients included: Washington State Department of Information Services and Department of Retirement Services

Working Relations

a full length play on issues of diversity and sexual harassment. Clients included: Sex and Power in the Workplace Conference,  the Bonneville Power Administration, two departments of the City of Seattle, the State of WA Dept. of Info. Services, Puget Sound Power & Light and other corporations and government agencies

HIV at Work

a full length play on HIV and AIDS in the workplace. Clients included Security Pacific Bank, Group Health Conference on AIDS, State of Oregon, Univ. of Wash. School of Management and other corporations and government agencies

I, Monster

a short play on child abuse. Clients included: New Directions in Psychotherapy Conference to be used as part of workshops

Through the Eyes
of a Friend

a multi-media presentation on the holocaust that toured junior and senior high schools in Washington

working relations


Virtual plays were performed in the virtual world, Second Life. Actors spoke through a voice interface and manipulated their avatars like puppets. The options for sets, costumes and special effects makes for extraordinary creative expression. SOME IMAGES CAN BE ENLARGED WITH A CLICK.

I Gave at the Office

Her business life in turmoil, Sonia Starguardia receives an invitation to her 20 year high school reunion. She tries to ignore the fact her secretary's been fired, her promotion is in name only, her budget is inadequate and she's required to integrate the conflicting feedback of the partners on the firm brochure. The anxiety sends her into a fugue state where her office equipment takes on the personalities of those with whom she works. Sonia's interactions with her office equipment force her to confront her own resistance and fear of confronting her past. After killing her phone, a delivery girl delivers her back to reality. Giddy yet determined, Sonia begins making changes in her life, her job and her way of working.

Oxymoronic Fusion

This complex farce explores the co-existence of contradictory reality constructs and belief systems, drawing from both science and religion. With the assistance of the psychic Madame X, Serendipity channels the entity, Clepotha.  Unpleasant yet alluring, Clepotha gains great notoriety for her wisdom. Other characters have their own agenda and need Clepotha to alter the patterns of their existence which include:

  • past lives
  • extraterrestrials
  • multi-dimensional realities
  • spirit guides
  • gods from the past


The Sanity Patrol Is Out To Get You

This solo performance brings the content of
The Sanity Patrol Handbook to life.


The Virtual Short Play Buffet

In collaboration with the Avatar Repertory Theate (ART)r, this festival of 8 new short plays pushed the boundaries of tools available in a virtual world. Over 100 plays were submitted and many received a reading as part of ART's weekly presentations.




The Mentsh Who Stole Kwanzaa

This one-act was part of Avatar Repertory Theater's holiday presentation. A father struggles to celebrate the holidays with his daughters after his wife dies. He changes their traditions to bring together the celebrations of Hannakah and Kwanzaa.



In The Pink

The Sanity Patrol Players designed the background images for this series of monologues modeled off of The Vagina Monologues (including a monologue written by the playwright) to celebrate VDay



The Meaning of Life Chat that covered big questions about real life and Second Life [click image to enlarge]

Facilitated discussions on metaphysical topics that started on Americal Online and moved to the web


Facilitated and managed programs for The Writer's Club. Facilitated chats for Parascope, discussing paranormal topics


The Sanity Patrol offers creative tools and products to help you better live with yourself and others. Members are often those to whom others go for support because members truly care. All projects support a diversity of people and ideas.

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