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DOG·NÓS·TI·CATE = understanding the present as influenced by the past to predict a logical future

49 Colorful Cards
(the size of regular playing cards)

Instruction and Interpretation Booklet

Like other symbolic languages such as the Tarot, astrology or the runes,Dognostication Cards are a tool for self-discovery and language to capture how we understand ourselves and our world.


Where did Dognostication Cards come from?
The beta version of the Dognostication Cards was created as holiday gifts for some of the regulars of the dog park at Golden Gardens in Seattle, Washington. Those who received a deck insisted they would be well received by fellow dog lovers.

Are Dognostication Cards for humans or dogs? 
Dognostication Cards use dogs to help articulate that which is meaningful to humans. However, they can also be useful in better understanding the relationship between human and dog.

What will the symbols of Dognostication Cards inspire?
·short cuts in understanding by means of archetypes
·sigmos (significant moments) that spark personal insight
·a means of stepping back to expand your frame of reference
·the provocation of underlying feelings and emotion
·memories, sometimes bringing better understanding of those memories
·possibilities for seeing the past, understanding the present
·predictions of the future based on knowledge of the past and present

Are Dognostication Cards like Tarot Cards? 
Yes and no. Both Dognostication Cards and Tarot Cards are symbolic languages; however, they use very different symbolic systems. Dognostication Cards explore eastern models. However, many of the spreads used in Tarot readings can also be used when dognosticating.

What symbolic systems do Dognostication Cards use? 
·ABSTRACTION CARDS are based upon the ancient nakshatras of Vedic Astrology, which correlate with the lunar manazils in the Arabic system. Each pair of Abstraction Cards finds deeper meaning through their association with the stages of human development
·ACTION CARDS are based upon one of the seven chakras, the energy centers of the body
·REACTION CARDS are based upon one of the seven steps of alchemical transformation from the Emerald Tablet.

A Booklet of Instructions and Interpretation comes with each deck of Dognostication Cards.

Want to know more? You can:
·Download the Instruction Booklet for free
·Check out supplemental information of: 

Logistical and Metaphysical Charts of the Nakshatras (Abstraction Cards) 
Lunar Manazils (Abstraction Cards) 
Developmental Stages (Abstraction Cards) 
Chakras (Action Cards) 

Steps of Alchemical Transformation (Reaction Cards)

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