Explore the basics of psychology. This humorous book is written in verse, dramatizing how thoughts and feelings influence intent and action opening with:

The Sanity Patrol is out to get you
You, the uncategorical, scavenging the mundane for meaning
You, the seeker, expanding understanding until it bursts into cathartic insight
You, the unique, conjuring new perspectives by unloading old baggage
You, the choreographer, gracefully entwining artistry with authenticity
The Sanity Patrol has come
How do you greet them?
Relief and fear
I’m okay? you exclaim
The Sanity Patrol refuses to pass judgment on your enigmatic idiosyncratic virtuousity
You are not alone
On the contrary
You’re part of a greater whole
The Sanity Patrol knows how to
dance with circumstance
embrace disgrace
release the beast
Laughter is what they’re after
The world’s a giant cookie jar
Will you chip in?


This  novel brings together an unlikely group of people who find themselves compelled to walk their dogs together. They discover that they share the death of someone important in their lives and, on the nights they don’t meet, they experience horrendous nightmares. 

Meanwhile, Timmy rejects Buzz's cult to join Nero, a charismatic underachiever, who takes the cult a step further into violent action.

Confrontation between the pack of people with their dogs, Buzz's cult and Timmy's trio ensues on Christmas Eve. The line between dog and human gets fuzzy.  Instinct and intuition overcome rational thought. 

The story is told from both Liz's point of view and that of her dog, Rover. Rover introduces a new vernacular to describe what he sees. Humans are biped dogs. She lives with catdogs and Masterdog in the big doghouse. Liz's painting canvases are movable walls.


"Shpiel" is the Yiddish word for performance. The Shpieling Haggadah is an illustrated script to perform the ritual of the Passover seder. It is designed for those familiar with the ritual as well as newcomers. The interactive nature of this haggadah includes recommended short discussions and declaration of purpose in performing the seder.

This modification of the traditional Haggadah integrates the ritual actions with the story of the Exodus led by Moses. Participants play each of the characters. The "shpiel" is told with humor while pointing out some of the origins of this yearly ritual.

The graphics help organize the seder and support a deeper understanding of ritual actions. Suggested songs (both traditional and untraditional) with lyrics are also included.


Dognostication Cards loosely resemble Tarot cards. Dogs rule this deck and an Instruction Guide is included.

These cards use other symbolic systems of understanding that are different from those used in Tarot:

ABTRACTION CARDS are based upon the ancient nakshatras of Vedic Astrology and correlate with the lunar manazils of the Arabic system. The meaning is deepened with each pair of them associating with one of the human stages of development.

ACTION CARDS are based on the chakras - the energy centers of the body.

REACTION CARDS are based on the seven steps of alchemical transformation as understood from the Emerald Tablet, who mysterious origins focus on alchemical transformation of both physical objects and personal consciousness..

Migrainistan Migrainistan


Shirts and mugs that bring humor to the misery of migraine disease.

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The Sanity Patrol offers creative tools and products to help you better live with yourself and others. Members are often those to whom others go for support because members truly care. All projects support a diversity of people and ideas.

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