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The Sanity Patrol Handbook

The Sanity Patrol Handbook is a humorous book of verse that explores the basics of psychology and how this information conditions different communities of professionals. Both comprehensive and entertaining, this exploration dramatizes how thoughts and feelings influence intent and action. (paperback available on Amazon)

Rover's Masterpack

Rover’s Masterpackis a novel that brings together an unlikely group of people who find themselves compelled to walk their dogs together illegally off-leash in one of Seattle's parks. The story is told in third person from the point of view of Liz, a Jewish legal secretary/painter in her late 20's and in first person from Rover, her ungainly lovable dog.

Timmy lives and works in a dive downtown hotel. After Buzz ejects Timmy from his Satanic-like cult, one of the other followers introduces him to Nero. These three dramatic and charismatic underachievers create a volatile world of their own with their own rules.

Confrontation eventually ensues. (available as an ebook on Amazon)
The Shpeiling Haggadah

The Shpieling Haggadah is ideal for newcomers to the rite of seder as well as those who have performed the seder their entire lives.

"Shpiel"” is the Yiddish word for performance. Just as the Purim Shpiel is a play depicting the story of Esther, The Shpieling Haggadah invites everyone to participant by taking on the roles in the story of the Exodus, written as a dark comedy.

Although the order of the seder is slightly modified, The Shpieling Haggadah includes the crucial traditional elements of seder. This rite of seder is designed to last 1 1/2 hours prior to the meal (except for the search for the matzo). The Foundation of Intention and the Pyramid of Preparation help focus the issues of the seder and assist in the gathering of the sacred objects used during the ritual. A songbook is also included. (FREE DOWNLOAD)

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Training of Thought

Training of Thought:
Critical Thinking for Writing

is a digital textbook with
comics and graphics
for higher education.

Migrainistain offers humor for migraineurs and their

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