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MISSION: To publish books and products for visual thinkers that are educational and entertaining to explore creativity, thinking and community.

HISTORY: The Sanity Patrol Press was founded in 2002 by Z. Sharon Glantz.

I’ve often been that person others – sometimes complete strangers – feel comfortable talking about their personal issues. I honor their trust. I also know I’m not the only one who plays this role. The Sanity Patrol celebrates the confidence others have in our abilities to offer insight with compassion and without judgment. Z. Sharon Glantz

Inspiration for the Sanity Patrol Press came from a well-received live production of The Sanity Patrol is Out To Get You, a one-act play written and produced by Z. Sharon Glantz in the early 1980's that utilized some of the material from The Sanity Patrol Handbook.


The Sanity Patrol will hold a Migraine Humor Contest for The Community of Migrainistan, an ebook anthology of humorous comics and prose for migraineurs and those who support them. The contest will commence in March 2015.

Training of Thought: Critical Thinking for Writing by Z. Sharon Glantz is an evolving digital textbook for high school and higher education that uses comics and graphics to help learners hone their creative and critical thinking skills for better writing, critiquing and rewriting. The Training of Thought for Writers Blog draws upon or supplements the content of this learning tool.

Maria’s Travels Through Migrainistan, will use comics and humor to follow Maria as she explores Migrainistan, a land she visits when suffering migraines. Her adventures will be chronicled as part of the Migrainistan Blog.

PRODUCTS: ZSharon Designs offer everyday items guaranteed to engender a smile. Currently, clocks for lovers of dogs, cats, yoga, the zodiac and the Chinese zodiac are available. Dognostication Cards, fortune-telling cards for dog lovers, offer a unique way of understanding your personal reality. Migrainistan shirts and mugs.

VIRTUAL AND MIXED REALITY PRESENTATIONS: The Sanity Patrol is continually experimenting with online virtual interfaces such as Second Life to reinforce the content of book offerings. The characters of Training of Thought: Critical Thinking for Writingand Migrainistan include avatars designed for this purpose.

In mixed reality presentations, characters are projected onto a screen and interact with audiences and learners in real time for classes and conferences. Machinimas (video + cinema using avatars) and videos of the characters interacting with real people are also being developed to support the content of the books of The Sanity Patrol.

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Training of Thought

Training of Thought:
Critical Thinking for Writing

is a digital textbook with
comics and graphics
for higher education.

Migrainistain offers humor for migraineurs and their

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